• Get photographic evidence of defects found.
  • Get photographic evidence of gutters before and after cleaning, getting proof of work we have done.
  • Get a report describing your roof's construction and how it is built up.
  • You get a report on the condition of your roof in its present state at date of report.
  • Your report will give you available options that suit your roof.
  • In most cases, It provides you with the budget cost of a new roof. Annual Maintenance Policy will provide you with specifications on the work necessary.
  • In some instances, you may receive a sketch or some standard details of your roof.
  • You will receive manufacturer's literature on any material that we recommend to you.
  • Based on information provided, you will be able to easily obtain a price comparison, and see how E.B.L. are so competitive.
  • The benefits of having an independent report that can provide comments on previous work that has been carried out, in the event of disputes, bad workmanship or a possible claim on a manufacturing defect.
  • Benefits of our recommendations being the very latest in technological advances in products, and research carried out on a regular basis.
  • The benefits of our recommendations having been tried and tested over many years of successful works.
  • This report will enable you to forecast accurate budgeting.

All this peace of mind - it is no wonder that E.B.L. is so successful


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