The nesting of birds on a property can cause major issues to the integrity of the fabric of the building such as, blocked gutters and outlets, leading to the ingress of rainwater. Blocked ventilation systems and flues could even cause serious illness to the buildings occupants.

The acidic droppings from roosting birds is not only unsightly and hazardous to health but can be extremely corrosive to stone and brickwork, metal cladding and tar based roofing products.

There are a variety of systems available that can be adopted to protect your building from birds roosting and nesting such as netting, spiking and wiring. Our survey will determine and advise on the best system to meet your individual needs. These systems are designed as a physical barrier to a specific pest species, denying access to the areas protected, providing an effective and robust solution to bird roosting and nesting problems. The urban feral pigeon is the most common pest, often perching on ledges and parapets, although seagulls and other species can be just as much of a nuisance in certain areas.

Stainless steel spike racks can be fixed to window ledges, parapet cappings and external wall mounted fixtures such as air conditioning units and cctv cameras but these can sometimes be unsightly and trap litter and debris. Bird netting can offer a total, long term protection solution and can be supplied in a colour best able to blend in with the property.

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