We have invested in safety equipment such as The Valley Walk:- The Valley-Walk system is a mobile walking frame for one or two persons, designed to aid access along valley gutters and to provide mobile roof cover. Easy to transport and assemble, the unit features cushioned outriggers for comfort which are filled with safety mesh. The Valley-Walk is suitable for typical symmetrical valleys and can be adjusted to suit asymmetrical designs such as northern lights.

Other equipment utilised :-

  • Inertia reels
  • Mobile scaffold towers
  • Cherry pickers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Portable man anchor systems


We can also provide and install

  • Fixed & Freestanding Guardrails (Galvanised Steel / Aluminium / Powder Coated)

  •  Parapet Clamp Guardrail (Galvanised Steel / Aluminium / Powder Coated)                   

  •  Collapsible/Folding Guardrail (Galvanised Steel / Aluminium / Powder Coated)

  •  Fixed Horizontal Safety Line (Horizontal / Vertical) Mansafe systems

  • Overhead Fixed Safety Line Systems / Track Systems

  • Safety Harness Eyebolts (Stainless Steel / Galvanised Steel / Powder Coated)                    

  • Abseiling Eyebolts and Davit Arms

  • Caged Vertical Access Ladders

  • Ship / Companionway ladders

  • Fall Arrest Ladder Tracks

  •  Aluminium Access Walkways

  • GRP Access Walkways

  • Anti-Slip Walkways

  • Skylight Protection

  • Lightning Protection

  • Air con unit stands

  •  Plant stands

  • Step over units

  • Bespoke Access Stairways & Steps

  • Fire Escape Stairways

  • Platforms and Gantries

  • Roof Access Hatches

  • Temporary access stairs

  • Bridging Platforms

  • Modular Stair Systems

  •  Leading Edge Protection / Barrier Systems

  •  Safety Decking

  • Safety Netting

  • Portable Man Anchor systems

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