Before you use EBL's quotation calculator ensure that you know what an AMP includes. For more information click here.

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Benefit from being a priority customer with EBL. We provide Quick Response Teams to deal with any emergency call-outs, storm damage, intruder damage etc.

An Annual Maintenance Programme can cost as little as £475 (+VAT). This is based on properties within 20 miles of Warrington, of average size and height, and of standard construction, with reasonable access to the roof.

EBL's AMP Calculator has been designed enabling you to work out the appropriate cost of an initial survey and a full Annual Maintenance Programme.

Please read the instructions below carefully before using the calculator:

Distance from Warrington Miles
Height of Roof Metres
Size of Roof Sq. Metres
Type of Roof

Standard Quote charge
Travel Cost Factor
Roof Height Factor
Roof Size Factor

Estimated Survey Cost

Enter data in the top 4 fields only. You need to estimate your distance from Warrington, the height (metres) and size of your roof (sq. metres). You also need to choose what type of roof you have. If you're not sure, then use our default roof type (Metal Cladding) as the price of this is the average amongst our various roof covering options.

  • We have a specific cost structure for each parameter in our calculation. The initial cost of a survey is £475 (+VAT) and the additional costs breakdown as follows:
  • We charge £2 per mile for travel outside a 20 mile radius of our headquarters.
  • If the building is less than 7 metres in height then there is no additional charge. Any building over 7 metres costs £40 per metre.
  • If the roof is less than 700 square metres then there is no additional charge. Any roof over 700 square metres costs £40 per 100 square metres.
  • Written inside the calculator are default sizes and costs. These have been included to enable the calculation to be made where no values are provided:
  • Mileage: If this field isn't filled in the default mileage is 50 miles
  • Height of building: If this field isn't filled in the default height is 7 metres
  • Size of roof: If this field isn't filled in the default size is 1000 square metres
  • Type of roof: If this field isn't filled in the default roof is Metal Cladding Profile

Enquiries about a survey or the AMP should be directed to our contact form.

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