At EBL Roofing we have vast experience of the potential problems associated with flat roofing systems. We have over the past 30 years  kept up to date with all the latest technological advances. We are approved installers of many of these modern systems and have a proven reputation for reliability, advice and workmanship in flat roof construction, maintenance and repair. This is due to our highly trained and motivated workforce, EBL DO NOT USE SUBCONTRACT LABOUR, all our installers are employed full time directly by our company.

Historically, traditional flat roof coverings have a relatively short life span. They usually consist of two or three layers of bitumen based felt over a timber boarded deck or a hot poured asphalt over a concrete/screed substrate, but felt, bitumen and asphalt are now outdated technologies and often difficult to successfully repair. Common failings in flat roof coverings include cracking, punctures and de-lamination of the mineral coating in felt and the often severe cracking of asphaltic coatings typically caused by trapped moisture between the non permeable roof coverings.

Detecting and precisely pinpointing the exact location of any water ingress occurrences is very often problematic, time consuming and extremely frustrating, even successful repairs won’t provide a long-lasting solution. Experience has shown that a flat roof is traditionally one of the weaker points of a building but advances in technology have led to a new confidence in flat roof systems such has heat welded single ply membranes and fleece reinforced liquid plastic coatings.

If you have an existing flat roof we will give honest advice on whether to replace, overlay or refurbish using the most appropriate, innovative and effective materials available. Together with our manufacturing partners listed below we can come up with the right solution for requirements.

If you require a new construction, together with our supply partners, we will come up with the right specification to conform with all current thermal guidelines and u-values.

We will always use our own qualified and approved and specifically trained tradesmen for the systems we install. All installations are monitored during and tested upon completion by the product manufacturers, ensuring that our work is always of the highest quality and warranties are finalised.


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